Press Release

This is an interview of a couple in Texas by Steven Colbert who personally flew down to meet them at their home.

It’s a very warm summer day, I thought. Glad to be in a warm cozy home with Nipuna and Rachel. Man! I was greeted amazingly by them. There was so much appreciation just from having me at their home. I sat in their gorgeous living room couch and started my interview.

‘Would you like some home brewed coffee?’ Rachel asked with a big smile. ‘Yes I would love some’ it just slipped out of my mouth. And within a minute the whole house smelled like fresh coffee.

‘Nipuna will back from the gym within the next 5 minutes’ she spoke from the kitchen with a louder tonality.

As I took my first sip of my coffee, I heard a beautiful exhaust note of a race car, lust like that of a McLaren and it got louder as I took my second sip of the coffee. Soon, the engine noise ceased and THUMP! I heard the front door slam open and in walks in a man that looked like Dwayne the rock’s body shape and it was Nipuna.areo header press

‘Hey Colbert, it’s so nice to finally meet you in person. Your hair is on point as usual! he said with a big smile.

‘You want to go on a small tour?’ Nipuna asked and as a reflex move I said yes.

We went to the library that was filled with wide range of books in different categories and the center piece of the room being a small ladder that helps you grab books from the top of the shelves and a fireplace that keeps your nice and toasty as you exercise your brain. The bedroom was spacious with big large windows that opened up to the East displaying a beautiful greenery meadow and a small forest in the distance. The kitchen was utterly gorgeous with restaurant quality gas stove, beautiful marble counter top and dark cherry wood cabinets. The kitchen opened up the backyard that was filled with front part presstrees and a swimming pool that lit up at night time later on that day. The whole house had bright colored walls and dark wood floors. At certain rooms the floor was accompanied by beautiful rugs that made you feel like you were walking on clouds. The basement had a small and intimate theater area and a gaming area with many different types of games you could play, digital and offline.

‘You know Steve, you are someone that I highly respect. Because you work very hard and you stick to your strengths.’ Nipuna said with a smile.

‘Ah well thank you Nipuna, but it seems like you are just buttering me up to eat me to feed me to your muscles’

‘hahaha, maybe so, but I just ate so you are safe!’

‘So tell me Nipuna and Rachel, how did you guys end up buying this beautiful 2 million dollar 2 Acre estate with all the beautiful cars and worry free lifestyle.’

‘Well Steven… It would no be possible without the hundreds of people that we helped out reach their dreams through our Unfranchise business’ Rachel jumped in and answered. ‘I would say its our cause. It’s what we live for.’

She is right! We worked really hard. But when you truly love what you do because of the impact that you are making and people that you are working with, I would not call it work at all.’ Nipuna added to his wife’s statement. ‘I think within the last 6 years we traveled to at least 15 countries and we have created at least 100 six figure earners that achieved their dreams and goals. It is all about momentum!

‘So tell me guys where did it start for you. Where did the changing economy for the living room pressaverage person all across the world start for you guys?’ I asked as we sat back in our living room that is filled with sunlight.

‘Well it all began when I met JR Ridinger. A man with a vision that surpassed our grasp. I realized that vision that you have for yourself is more important that anything else that’s going on in your life currently. Then comes the commitment we all need to have as well. SO, ever since I can remember, I craved liberty in my life. Like a human being craves oxygen to live. I realized that in order to have liberty, what if I could help other people achieve their most earnest goals? This is where the Unfranchise® and the Shopping Annuity® came in as a tool in our lives.’ As Nipuna took a breath, Rachel swooped in and said, ‘every person in this world have expenses. Expenses to live a life. So what we do is convert their living expenses into a secondary ongoing income. Part Time!!! Considering we are different industry of it’s own, competitors are none. We have become so good at making people that we pick money so easily and naturally.’ 

‘We love what we do. Especially seeing the impact that we have created in others. It’s even generational because the asset that they create from shopping annuity and the Unfranchise can be passed on to their children.’ Nipuna said with a big smile.

‘So tell me… What’s your life like right now? I know you have the fancy cars, the big house and care free life with huge amount of financial abundance. What else do you have going on?’ I asked very curiously.

Nipuna jumped in. ‘Other than the 1994 Porshe Singer that Rachel has special ordered! haha. hmm. I mentioned it because I can’t wait for it to arrive later this month Steve! Rachel and I get to travel to our hearts content and build our business with no boundaries. This is true freedom and we are overjoyed with happiness and love. In this life, nothing comes without giving first though. SO, once we set up our foundation with our  business, it allowed me to venture into investing in other projects to make the world a better place. Like better water filtration systems that cost low amount of energy and money. Owning a few commercial real estate deals. All these are ongoing and I keep my ears to the ground and keep learning and growing. I continuously read and improve. Play guitar for fun. I think making a commitment to travel more every year has being a huge plus for us!’

‘Don’t forget about the dog foundation that we are funding too’ Rachel jumped in!

‘OH yes! Absolutely! And both our parents and families are well taken care of and we get to visit them often as well. If I could change anything Steve, I would not. But I would ask you to come with us to Spain because that’s where we are traveling to next!’ 🙂




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  1. I can totally picture this whole scene, how beautiful it is for you and Rachel in Texas. I believe you and Rachel can most certainly help more than 100 people to achieve 6 figure income level and change their lives!

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