Week 17 – Persistence

Nearing the end of this week was a tough one for me. A lot of action with limited results had led me to be in a slump feeling. And as it goes, your mental attitude dictates even your physical well-being, I got a little sick as well.

I saw around me such greatness. Such passion and courageous behavior from my business partners and my girlfriend, Rachel as well. I realized one most important part about myself. Persistence did not just come in the form of action taken towards my dreams and goals. Persistence also came in the form of mental concentration on whom I wish to become and already am.

A great actor does not simply think of becoming that character that they are playing, they simply become that person. They become engrossed in that character, they think, they eat and breath like the person that they are creating. Therefore, I AM the same. I AM the person that I will to be! Everyday and on every time I consciously remember I tell my self…. I AM and I imagine me being that person and how it feels. 🙂


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