Week 16 – Kindness

A big revelation this week!

Whenever I studied anything, I have learned that my brain is good at remembering and applying concepts when I visualize what I input into my brain. SO after reading that thought comprise of three components (form, quality and vitality), I was able to apply that into my DMP/Dharma. And boy! It made a huge difference. Now for every point in my DMP, I imagine that thought/statement with a clear image, more detailed with confidence and I add happiness and fulfillment as a feeling. I genuinely feel the habit becoming stronger.

Lastly, wealth is not a destination but an exchange! Focus on the impact and the result will be wealth. I always believed this deep inside, but hearing it or reading it from another perspective made it solidify. Now my goal is to incorporate it into my life daily to focus on the impact. Which started off with acts of kindness. That I know will keep building up to more and more grand actions of kindness to come!

Focusing on more kindness activities I have realized that I had become more complimentary to others and more loving of others. Just giving off more kindness all around. It seems I have attracted more people like that into my life through that as well. I just have to say…. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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