Week 14 – Electron

Holiday season was tough! my old habits and blueprint was creeping in. The guilt of not staying consistent was over taking me. That also got me motivated to stay on track.

Well over 15 years ago my best friend, Dulik, got into my car as my dad was driving us to our house. I forgot what we were doing beforehand. On the drive back Dulik started to share passionately about law of attraction, a new concept he had read up about! He was extremely passionate about it. He was sharing how we are all connected through energy and energy is flow of electrons. Since, all matter is consist of atoms that carry electrons, our thoughts can influence these electrons to move, thus moving matter.

This was a very strange concept to me back then. I suppose he was a major influence in my life for the person I am today. Because of my association with him I was able to get influenced to make a dream board, to start my business and to re imagine my life to what I will it to be. \

This week on master key week 14, what he and I talked about solidified. It was very humbling experience to learn that harmonious thoughts create vibrations in matter around us. Since harmonious thoughts create energy in the same frequency. Hence, to achieve my personal pivotal needs, liberty and legacy, I MUST have harmonious thoughts and use feeling of love with my thoughts. Link them!

Harmony is everything 🙂


3 thoughts on “Week 14 – Electron

  1. Nipuna, what a great story about your friend Dulik and the influence his shared thoughts of 15 years ago had on your life! That same energy and flow of electrons are still moving and influencing you even today. Keep the harmonious thoughts going!!

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