Week 12 – Love

Over the past week I realized before I sit for 15 minutes to focus and concentrate on my thoughts on my dharma, if I get excited about my goals then my thoughts become easier to focus. Feelings –> powerful thoughts

Our ability to think is common to all of us, but it is rarely we focus most of our thinking AND attention on what we desire. We always get our emotions entangled with our day to day activities and we forget to focus on and get excited about what we really want.  

What do I need then to keep focus. 

  1. Knowledge of my power 
  2. Courage to dare 
  3. Faith to do 

SO first I started with IDEAL focus is. Which is my Dharma or definite major purpose (DMP) in life. Any and every opportunity I get, I focus on my DMP. This produced so much positive crops (mental crops from seeds of desires that I planted) 

Thoughts will work with our objective world (interact) and bring about a reality that we think. We also call this law of attraction. This law is another term for LOVE. Thoughts that are impregnated with love becomes unstoppable. This is what I have been internalizing this week. To pour LOVE into my DMP. Feeling is desire and desire is love. 

Since things are created in the mental/spiritual world before they appear in the outer world, unless cells in the brain are prepared (by right connections), we are unable to hold an idea with confident. I’m pretty sure many of us have felt sometimes some ideas are completely crazy or out of this world, but to others it is completely natural. It is because of this phenomenon. Because of this law of attraction is perceived the same. Even by ME. Until I saw it happening around me from all of the mental exercises that I do. 

SO i decided to give this law my attention and concentration. FOCUS FOCUS and FOCUS. 


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