Week 11 – Faith

There are certain laws that the successful and the happy follow. And its Universal! So, what is it? Is it only available to elite or select few? What are these laws. 

As I wrote on one of my previous blogs, 7 laws of the mind to my understanding are 7 laws that falls under these important laws to follow in order to achieve what you want. SO these 7 laws gives rise to a tool that we can be conscious of to control our thoughts. Thoughts brings about (with law of attraction) correlation with objects. 

The faith that we hold in our mind to attract the right thoughts most of the time we are awake and then to attract that into our objective world is imperative. We must believe that we can and will attract what we earnestly desire into our lives. POWER that our thoughts hold is truly unique. 

We must believe that the thoughts that we produce are truths. Truth then is objective because it is in line with laws. The main point this week: we are what we think about, our thoughts. Therefore, learn to control and understand and most importantly hold FAITH that our thoughts will lead to creative intelligence and our reality. 


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