Week 9 – Needs

Wouldn’t life be amazing if the following was true? 

Hold in our minds the conditions that we desire and affirm it to existence. 

In fact it is! From birth, each of us are condition to do this. We truly do deserve what we have, because we desire and affirm it to existence. Mind’s plasticity is infinite. It’s our preconditioning that makes it difficult to change. Especially without a flight or fight response. A positive thought will destroy a negative thought and the same is true vise versa. 

There are three of man’s needs: Health, wealth and love. These are in no particular order. Therefore, if we affirm and desire it will come into existence right? …..YES! 

The most important of all is that the man become what he holds in his mind most of the time. Not 10 minutes of the day! Most of the time! We truly do become what we think about. So how do we change what we think about. I realized mind is a muscle just like our bodies. SO we must exercise it daily. It is not just our outward looks that we must be obsessed about, it is also our inner looks (our world within) 

Visualizing is a method by which we can practice this. Seeing is a physical process. Visualization is more of a product of imagination and is subjective. Coupling visualization (which I will be incorporating with mini sits throughout the day) with karma is a deadly combination. You must GIVE in order to receive. 

Finally, affirm ‘I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy’ through out the day as much as I can! Just because! 


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