Week 10 – Mechanism

When we look at the universe/nature, there’s so much that’s in abundance. There is no end to the amount of resources. It is only in some economies that we see scarcity. So, understanding that we can attract that abundance in nature is key.  

Thought is the mechanism of attraction. The connection between the finite and the infinite. Thought is the tool that makes it way into the spiritual world. Since the physical world is made of organic and inorganic, and inorganic cannot be attained by physical laws, thought must be used to reach into the inorganic. 

Thought then reaches into the invisible (that we desire in life) and bring it onto the objective outside world. This is creation and NOT evolution. Wealth is attracted to those who are already wealthy! I knew there was a reason for that and now I know! 

All thought must complete a circuit. Like an electrical circuit. If there’s any fault in an electrical circuit then the result is in an undesirable action. Thoughts are the same. They must be in accordance with the universal laws. When it is, then we have law of growth! When we look anywhere in the world where there’s harmony, we see growth. Thought must be harmonious. So, I realized I need to meditate more throughout the day! 

Constructive thought that are harmonious in nature will bring about the desired outcomes that I want. This ultimately yields POWER. 


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